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Board Meeting Dates

February 5th |  Tredegar HOA Meeting | 6:00 PM

** January 8th Meeting postponed due to inclement weather **

Monthly meetings are typically held at the home of Bruce Christopherson at 1213 Colston Court (first house on the right when entering the subdivision).

Reminders and Notices

Dumping yard waste or any waste at the pond is prohibited in Tredegar. Please do not dispose of lawn, garden, or yard waste behind our ponds.

**NEW ** Revised Application for Architectural Change form:

Application for Architectural Change


Neighborhood Watch Meeting KPD

The Kernersville Police Department wants to work with all neighborhoods in Kernersville in order share information related to everything from speeding, trespassing, soliciting, crime, etc.

So far, there are about 9 neighborhoods (Tredegar included) in Kernersville that are participating in the neighborhood watch program.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the police department and Tredegar, or would like to participate, please contact us, or call Linda Meadows 336-992-2405.

This is a great opportunity to get to know our local police officers and talk with them about our neighborhood and our town.

Board Members


  • Bruce Christopherson

Vice President

  • Tim Yarborough


  • Linda Meadows


  • Don MacKey

At Large

  • Jeff Pickle
Architectural Comm.
  • Wayne Johnson 336.528.2123
  • Joan Johnson   336.414.4275
  • Cornell Winstead 336.403.4960
  • Curtis Mays         336.414.1181
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