Please keep in mind that the speed limit in Tredegar is 25 mph.

Our neighborhood is busy with foot traffic, children, and pets. PLEASE slow down!

Note to all Tredegar residents:

HOA dues are due by the 15th of January, April, July, and October.

Send Dues to:

Tredegar HOA, PO Box 2481, Kernersville, NC 27285

Hello Tredegar resident. Welcome to Tredegar online. The new board members thought that a community website would serve as a valuable asset to Tredegar residents.

This website will allow members to communicate their concerns, ask questions, and offer suggestions for improving our neighborhood. We will also post board meeting minutes and allow access to the Tredegar Bylaws 24-7.

How to use this site:

  1. Set-up a user account for your home. A user account will allow you to vote on items when we take online polls. A user account will also allow you to participate in our forum for offering suggestions and asking questions, and simply communicating with other Tredegar residents regarding a topic. NOTE: Most of the information on the website will only be available to Tredegar residents.
  2. Review board meeting minutes. (this will only be visible to Tredegar members)
  3. Review financial information related to the HOA. (this will only be visible to Tredegar members)
  4. Keep up with the latest announcements such as when the board meets, community meetings, and other general announcements.
  5. Board Member contact information.
  6. Tredegar Resident contact information (this will only be visible to Tredegar members)

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